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All truly successful businesses are born in damp basements and messy garages, right? Wrong! Our tech hub in Taastrup is proof that an exciting workplace with exciting people makes for exciting companies. Bringing the sharpest brains and the newest technologies together in a knowledge centre structure is our way of cultivating an inspiring can-do environment, where answers and opportunities are always only a few feet away.


We want to help you succeed. And we want to give you the courage, the strength and the stamina to create stuff that makes people fitter, or happier, or more productive. So, we have created a tech hub where potential can grow old enough to become reality. An embassy of invention and an ecosystem for tech entrepreneurs. And you know what? We have special capabilities in IoT, machine learning and hardware. You’re welcome.


More than 3000 square meters turned into a creative universe with everything from a cozy camp site to a tech lab –even an indoor forrest. And we have 8 meeting rooms – each created for specific experiences and one more exciting than the other. And of course, there is your desk - as one of 154 placed in 4 working areas.


We believe in the power of community and knowledge sharing. To promote this, we host social and professional events to give you new insight and so you can get to know your fellow tech entrepreneurs. Maybe the solution to your problem is only 20 meters away from you? This is a network you don’t want to miss out on!


Our team of inQvators wake up every day with the goal of helping tech entrepreneurs succeed. We always want to help and discuss your problem weather it is regarding the 3D printer or a marketing issue. And if we can’t help you – maybe one of our professional partners can. From business strategy to funding opportunities – or maybe a helping hand in protecting your IP rights? We got you covered.

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inQvation is located in Taastrup- it’s in the middle of everything if you commute from the south or the north. From Copenhagen to Høje-Taastrup? Take the regional train from Copenhagen and 15 minutes later you’ll be at Høje Taastrup station. From there’ it’s a 15-minute walk to inQvation, or 5 minutes in a bike. If you’re driving, the motorway runs straight to our doorstep.

The (short) story

Once upon a time...

there was an empty warehouse. With no people, no furniture, no nothing. Just a warehouse. And there was an idea. An idea called inQvation. It was an idea of an entrepreneur that should give new opportunities to other entrepreneurs. To be more specific: entrepreneurs with an interest in technology, specifically IoT and AI. And the idea came true. In 2018, the warehouse was transformed into a home for entrepreneurs. A home we call inQvation. A home where ideas don’t just remain ideas but have the chance of becoming strong businesses.

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